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IIAD Board of Directors

Biswash Chepang photo

Biswash Chepang


Biswash, has seven years of experience in the diverse sector ranging nonprofit, for-profit, academic institutions, administration, social work, community development, program development and youth engagement. He specializes in environmental & social safeguard sector, vulnerable indigenous community, Juvenile Offenders, child protection, and life skills sessions.
He holds Masters In Advanced Development in Social Work from the University of Lincoln (2018) through Erasmus Mundus Scholarhip program funded by European Union.

bikesh 1

Bikesh Gautam

Vice Chair

Bikesh Gautam has spent the past decade at various social organizations such as Amnesty International, Youthinkgreen-Nepal and for Change. His experiences in such organization has helped him groom gradually along with the gradual growth of the involved organizations. His activist career began at Amnesty International and has not looked back ever since 'We' for Change where he served as Vice- President. He works at Kings College’s Center for Research and Development as a Research Associate. He is affiliated to Nepal Jaycees and owns ventures: Blink Nepal and Brihaspati Printers.


Adv. Jasmin Karmacharya


Adv. Jasmin Karmacharya, founder of Lex Mantra is a practicing lawyer and Human Rights Activist. She holds a bachelor's degree in corporate law and a master's in human rights. With a passion for providing quality education and supporting the legal system of Nepal, she organizes, leads, and participates in an array of programs, workshops, and sessions in benefit for legal knowledge aspirants. She is practicing advocate working in protecting the rights of people and business. Besides she is also a lecturer at various colleges.


Radhika Maskey


Radhika Maskey is a financial professional having managed grants from international donors and agencies. She has 15 years of experience in Fair Trade Group Nepal and MBA in Finance. She is an entrepreneur and operates interior design and decor shop. Radhika is well versed in financial management systems, financial literacy, and training design and delivery. She also provides training in livelihood related to interior decor products and market development.

Sandeep Shrestha

Sandeep Shrestha


Sandeep Shrestha is a sustainability professional with 10 years of knowledge in enterprise development, impact assessment, and communications. He specializes in environmental and social safeguard, business sustainability, impact reporting and community development. He has worked in private and non-profit sectors in the USA and Nepal, and a faculty member at Kings College, Nepal. He has a degree in MBA and is currently pursuing MPhil in Development Studies at Kathmandu University School of Education, focusing his research in sustainability.


Milan Kumar Sardar Tharu


Milan is MBA nonprofit graduate and holds a Master's degree in Social Work. He has a keen interest in organizational development, education innovation, and social entrepreneurship. He believes that quality education, innovation, and entrepreneurship can help communities transform. He is an aspiring social entrepreneur and has co-founded various startups with the vision of community empowerment and capacity building. He has been volunteering and associated with different nonprofit organizations based inside and outside Nepal in various capacities since 2015.

Our Advisors and Experts

Dr Reshma

Reshma Shrestha, PhD


Dr. Reshma Shrestha is Associate Professor in Department of Geomatics Engineering at Kathmandu University School of Engineering. She specializes in land planning, land mapping, land usage, land reform, and geomatics.


Marie-Caroline Pons, PhD Candidate


Marie-Caroline Pons is a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at the University of Oregon (U.S.A). She has been working in collaboration with indigenous community members on the documentation and description of Trans-Himalayan (a.k.a. Tibeto-Burman, Sino-Tibetan) languages (Chepang, Magar, Khamci and Bhoto) spoken in Nepal since 2010. She is currently writing a reference grammar of Chepang and a trilingual ictionary (Chepang, Nepali, English). These projects aim at preserving and promoting the language diversity of Nepal.


Jordanne Edwards, PhD Candidate


Jordanne Edwards is PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg. Influenced by her social work background with various NGOs, governmental and international agencies including UNESCO and UNICEF, she is interested in helping to develop critical and innovative intervention strategies that advance international and human rights development work. She supports IIAD with her knowledge on programme management, stakeholder management and community based practices.


Dr. Deepti Shrestha


Dr. Deepti Shrestha is the Head of Dentistry department at Kathmandu Medical College and operates her dental clinic Max Family Dental Clinic. She is an avid social worker and researcher and has published numerous journal articles on dentistry. She supports IIAD with health related programs and initiatives and provides dental hygiene sessions to IIADs communities.