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Our Projects



Institute for Indigenous Affairs and Development prioritizes and keeps indigenous people of Nepal at core of its design. By using participatory rights-based model, IIAD creates sustainable projects to benefit and address the pressing developmental needs of our partners. We conduct research activities to not only contribute to creating new knowledge to empower indigenous people but make an impact in their lives.

Sustainable Development Programs are designed to uplift economic status and engagement of indigenous people through social entrepreneurship and startups, business incubation and direct community towards sustainability, helping them live a dignified living independent from others in society. This economic growth will allow our target communities to have improved access to education, health, nutrition, and the national economy.


Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy will play a significant role in gathering data and conducting research on indigenous people regarding various streams of activities including livelihood, health, policies, rights, etc. Based on research and evidence, IIAD will work with local communities, government authorities, international and local advocacy and developmental institutions to create policies for improved access to rights for indigenous people.

Grassroots Movement

Grassroots Movement is aimed at highlighting the rich cultural heritages and knowledge of indigenous people, and to showcase challenges and affairs faced by indigenous people into mainstream media. IIAD support system will support indigenous people to raise rights and safeguard issues of development projects to concerned authorities to guarantee policy level changes and just and equitable processes are integrated in programs to safeguard indigenous people from negative impact. Children and Women Welfare programs are designed to provide educational, nutritional and health support services to children and menstrual, pregnancy and maternity health and support for women.

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