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COVID-19 Response - IIAD
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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Food Drive for Chepangs at Risk of Starvation

Chepangs living in absolute poverty in Nepal are starving for weeks due to COVID-19 lock down. IIAD is collaborating with local communities and support partners to provide basic food for Chepangs in Jimling and other Chepang communities in Nepal.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have resulted in a loss of economic opportunities and income for daily wage workers and Chepang community people, and have severely impacted their access to food, especially daily wage workers and Chepang community people, of which 90% live below the poverty line. 

Your donation will help provide essential food items.

  • Rice (25 kgs)
  • Lentils (Daal) (2 kgs)
  • Beans (2 kgs)
  • Oil (1 ltr)
  • Salt (2 kgs)
  • Soap (5 pcs)

This fundraising campaign is a collaborative effort of the Institue of Indegeneous Affairs and Development (IIAD) (Non-Profit), Pariwartak Nepal (NGO), JMT Youth Club Association (Rapti, Chitwan), Youth for Agri, Bairen Agro Consultant and Traders, working together to support vulnerable communities of Nepal affected by lockdown during COVID-19. 

*All of your donations will be used towards supporting the families – there will be no administrative / overhead costs.*


Let’s work together to provide families with the essential food items they need. Participate as you can, any contribution makes a huge difference!

E-Sewa: 9841829722 (Bikesh Gautam)

Bank Transfer

A/C No: 0040560005015
A/C Name: Maskey Radhika Shrestha
Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Branch: Pulchowk

International Donations

Thank you.